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Easy on the easter eggs everybody.


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When you get a new computer, makes sure that you either have 1/ a System Restore Disc or 2/ A program that prompts to make one.

If it is 2/ make sure that you do that without delay.

Its pretty cheap of the manufacturers, and saves them spending money on giving you a CD. Without the right CD, if stuff goes wrong (especially out of warranty), you could be mightily stuck.

Here endeth todays nag!!

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Pasty Fest For Lunch   Leave a comment

www.polmorlapasties.co.uk is the tasty website I am working on at the moment. If you are in Bude or nearby check them out ….


A Cornish Pasty

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Router Troubles   Leave a comment

A Quick and Easy fix to a very high percentage of router and network problems.

1/ Leave the country and forget about IT
2/ Switch it all off (yes all of it!!!) and LEAVE it for AT LEAST 10 MINUTES.
3/ Switch it on and see if it has all come back as if there was no problem ever.

If that did not work try again then panic or call your local computer support bloke
Nice Cornish Pasties btw in BUDE at http://www.polmorlapasties.co.uk

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Don’t forget your Laptop power pack!!!   Leave a comment

I left mine at the office DOH*)(*^%!. Sadly to get it meant a 100 mile round trip to Bude and back, the sun was out and cornwall looked lovely. I did try a local computer shop to see if they had one for sale economically, £49.99 was the answer. Later at Launceston ARGOS wanted £49.99, the ppl on EBAY want £13 – what a difference.

Is this the only way forward? profiteering and being “profiteered”

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TGIF   Leave a comment

nuff said?

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XP Antivirus !!!   Leave a comment

If you get a screen telling you that you are under attack by many different and ferociously named trojans and viruses watch out, the screen is lying to you.

You are being panicked into buying protection that will take you further into the mire AND put your credit card/s at risk.

It pretends to be a Microsoft product and the presentation is convincing.

One basic rule to follow – if it is not your anti-virus, it is probably a virus – it will take a little shifting so ask someone who knows.

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