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Its me – getting up to date at long last.

A fine day in Bude today with the sun out – it does not appear to be making it any warmer but we live in hope.

The windscreen wipers have gone west on the chariot so I am vanless.

AJ Motor Services of Bude will hopefully get me out of that hole with their usual fine and rapid service and I will be out and about in two shakes, causing my normal level of disruption on the roads again.

Lots of Viruses about in the computer world, I really don’t like the one that pretends it is an anti virus program itself. What a nerve they want to infect you, take money of you to supposedly fix what they’ve done to you, get your CC details, flood

you with more viruses then rob you blind – you could do all this to yourself in a matter of minutes too. Whoever you are doing it stop for pitty’s sake there is enough rubbish in this world without your particular brand.


Posted March 2, 2010 by timturner1953 in Computers

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