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Router Troubles   Leave a comment

A Quick and Easy fix to a very high percentage of router and network problems.

1/ Leave the country and forget about IT
2/ Switch it all off (yes all of it!!!) and LEAVE it for AT LEAST 10 MINUTES.
3/ Switch it on and see if it has all come back as if there was no problem ever.

If that did not work try again then panic or call your local computer support bloke
Nice Cornish Pasties btw in BUDE at


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XP Antivirus !!!   Leave a comment

If you get a screen telling you that you are under attack by many different and ferociously named trojans and viruses watch out, the screen is lying to you.

You are being panicked into buying protection that will take you further into the mire AND put your credit card/s at risk.

It pretends to be a Microsoft product and the presentation is convincing.

One basic rule to follow – if it is not your anti-virus, it is probably a virus – it will take a little shifting so ask someone who knows.

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Web Of Trust   Leave a comment

A Firefox add-on that rates Web-sites in a nice way

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Data Recovery Issues   Leave a comment

Hi everybody – When things go wrong, unless you have a good and current backup of your precious information DO NOT put the Windows disc in your PC and reinstall Windows. You may/will put your family photos, business spreadsheets and much more beyond your reach.

There is software to recover some of your stuff but once a section on a hard drive has been overwritten with new information then SORRY! IT’S LOST.

Ask if you need help and are in the North Cornwall, Launceston, Bude, Callington “Triangle” Have safe data days

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Hi Everybody   Leave a comment

Its me – getting up to date at long last.

A fine day in Bude today with the sun out – it does not appear to be making it any warmer but we live in hope.

The windscreen wipers have gone west on the chariot so I am vanless.

AJ Motor Services of Bude will hopefully get me out of that hole with their usual fine and rapid service and I will be out and about in two shakes, causing my normal level of disruption on the roads again.

Lots of Viruses about in the computer world, I really don’t like the one that pretends it is an anti virus program itself. What a nerve they want to infect you, take money of you to supposedly fix what they’ve done to you, get your CC details, flood

you with more viruses then rob you blind – you could do all this to yourself in a matter of minutes too. Whoever you are doing it stop for pitty’s sake there is enough rubbish in this world without your particular brand.

Posted March 2, 2010 by timturner1953 in Computers